I went out on the Internet and looked for blogs with up-do-date reports on research and news, with analysis of relevant issues to mental illness and mental health. I’d spent several years in online patient communities, where I had picked up most of the available knowledge, and wanted more and newer.

I easily found impassioned anti-pharmaceutical-companies blogs and anti-psychiatry blogs. Many of their conclusions were heavily colored with anger toward pharmaceutical companies and toward psychiatry, as with the argument that because a medication was developed for one purpose, it be restricted only to that purpose (the medication he was referring to is effective for other problems as well, and restricting it to its original purpose would result in withdrawing effective treatment from current patients).

I was familiar with McManWeb, and ran into John McManamy’s blog, which is (unsurprisingly) quite good. But I found nothing else either of that quality and depth, or covering things from a similar pro-mental-health slant. I was also surprised, and disheartened, to see how many blogs were antithetical to medical treatment of mental illness, and so antithetical to the mental health of the population they are advocating for.

I am looking forward to finding more high-quality pro-mental-health blogs. Meanwhile, I am starting this blog to further spread high-quality (or as high-quality as my schedule allows) mental health and mental illness news, science, and commentary.


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