wearable tech and bipolar vs. schizophrenia

UCSD researchers have come up with a shirt that takes various physiological measurements from people, and have found distinct patterns between people with schizophrenia and people with bipolar disorder. This is of note particularly because it can be very hard for clinicians to distinguish someone having a manic episode from someone who is schizophrenic. But it’s also interesting because anything that tells us more about what’s going on can lead to better treatment…

Here’s the link with the somewhat misleading headline (it’s not really about monitoring in the treatment sense, it’s not even in the pipeline, but it is an extremely interesting study):

Wearable Technology Helps Monitor Mental Illness

I also like that they mention difficulty filtering information. It can be a pretty big issue but because it’s not psychosis, nor mood, it’s not so well-known. One of my own problems, whenever I feel off in whatever way, is getting overwhelmed by sensory input and having to leave social situations because I can’t take it anymore. (Medication has definitely helped with that.)

Anyway. I wonder if something like this will eventually come into play in childhood bipolar diagnosis? That’s contentious in part because it’s very hard to diagnose in kids who don’t have clearcut manic periods.

Personally, I think they should make it Hypercolor and just have it turn different colors.


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