more crazy mice!

We had the manic mice; now, the schizophrenic mice!  Or, more accurately, the mouse model of mania and the mouse model of schizophrenia, since they’re unlikely to be exactly the same thing as what humans gets, just things that involve some of the same systems.  But even that will buy you a whole heck of a lot…

Coming soon: a mouse model of videogame addiction.  You give them a mini-Nintendo controller, and they punch the “A” key to get a pellet.  If you keep reinforcing them, they start punching it really fast.  (Maybe we should refer to the human model of mouse pellet addiction instead?)

sz mouse link via confused.


One Response to more crazy mice!

  1. Michael says:

    I’d wager even money that there has already been a study that, viewed in the right light, trained mice to play Dance Dance Revolution.

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