From the journal “Medical Hypotheses”: how to cure infections with wonder drugs

A  J. Lieb has published in the journal of WackyMedical Hypotheses the theory that lithium and antidepressants cure infections, using language such as “transform the humanitarian and economic landscapes of nosocomial, surgical and antibiotic-resistant infections, as well as reduce the burden of epidemics, pandemics and bioterrorism.”  That kind of language is like sending up a bright red flare to people who check to see if a theory is promising way more than it can deliver.

My favorite quote is from the abstract of one of his other Medical Hypotheses papers on the same topic: “Such philosophers of science as Paul Feyerabend have argued that special interests invariably oppose revolutionary paradigms.”

I think this is funny because he’s lauding lithium and antidepressants from the rooftops, thus making a perfect target for all the anti-psychiatry people who blame powerful drug company interests for their own treatment/philosophy not getting adopted as the industry standard.  We could just put them in a jar and let them fight.


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