back to circadian rhythms? treating bipolar depression with modafinil

Modafinil (more commonly known as Provigil), a drug approved for use in sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work disorder, appears to be helpful with bipolar depression.

The article notes that the manufacturer supplied both the modafinil and the matching placebo.   I wonder how much placebo costs?  Are there places that manufacture brand-name placebo?  I mean, there must be, for researchers to run studies.


4 Responses to back to circadian rhythms? treating bipolar depression with modafinil

  1. Michael says:

    I’d guess you want the placebo to be manufactured by the same person manufacturing the pills. That way they can use their exact pill press / capsule machine they used to make the study drug. They could even up the placebo effect by literally stamping the placebos with “Provigil 5mg.”

  2. resonance says:

    It’s the perfect setup to a wacky comedy movie!

  3. december_brigette says:


    Im bipolar 2 heavy on the depression. I just wanted to comment that I might be the exception on this – I tried provigil about 2 years ago. took one dose and I was a shaking shaky mess. but this doesnt mean it wont work for others.

    as for placebos – this is funny – one time i was in the ER with ex-h (car accident) and this other guy gets wheeled in saying he is having a heart attack. the intake person was asking him what meds he was on and the guy says “sugar pills.” and the guy denied any type of dx that would require “sugar pills.” my ex-h and i laughed our asses off…

  4. resonance says:

    That sounds pretty unpleasant, like being overstimulating…

    I wonder if you have to have a prescription for sugar pills, or if you can buy them over-the-counter?

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