bonobos! they just keep coming.

August 3, 2007

I got 19 bonobo-related visitors yesterday.  Dear bonobo searchers, welcome, I talk about bonobos sometimes, even if they’re not the main focus of this blog.  Nevertheless please feel free to have a look around.  I am delaying today’s break-from-the-usual-Friday content until tomorrow and will try to have a nice bonobo-related post then.  I’m trying to avoid sexually explicit content, but I’ll find you a link.



July 31, 2007

Ten people found my journal yesterday by searching for “bonobos”.  It probably wasn’t what they were looking for, but I hope they saw the cute picture and read about the female-female coalitions that let female bonobos mate with the males they want to mate with and not the unpleasant aggressive ones.

Go bonobos!

(The real entry for today is below)